This month's theme: Harry Potter! EXPELLIARMUS!

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It’s fitting that the last theme day of Harry Potter month is all about stories. Without JK Rowling’s mind for a million stories underneath one series, we wouldn’t have been able to have this month and, more importantly, have these unique characters or events in our lives!

Let’s make it a good story time today, y’all. What stories can you not say no to? What do you want to read to other children, Littles or Caregivers? Why don’t you share them with us, whether it’s through some quotes, a recording or a video.

Happy Story Time Tuesday!
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The Potter Generation (x)

4. Any two ships.

Ron Weasley x Hermione Granger

Ron tripped dazedly toward Harry and Hermione. 
“You’re okay,” he mumbled, before Hermione flew at him and hugged him tightly. 
“I thought – I thought – “ 
“M all right,” said Ron, patting her on the back. “M fine.”
“Ron was great,” said Tonks warmly, relinquishing her hold on Lupin. “Wonderful. Stunned one of the Death Eaters, straight to the head, and when you’re aiming at a moving target from a flying broom –“ 
“You did?” said Hermione, gazing up at Ron with her arms still around his neck. 
“Always the tone of surprise,” he said grumpily, breaking free.

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Once I had to book a surprise playtime at laser tag for my daddy and all our friends. And they asked how many people for, but I thought they asked if I'd played before, so I just said yes. And there was a really long pause and now I hate talking on the phone >,<

Oh my goodness, I’ve had so many of those very moments. I feel your pain. Making phone calls is so scary sometimes, especially in little space. I always make Daddy or an adult in the room make them unless I ABSOLUTELY have to.
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I forgot to tell you all what the question Daddy was gonna tell me Sunday. He proposed and I said yes!!!! He's saving money so he can get me a ring >~< nobody in our families are supposed to know yet but oh my goshhh I'm so lucky to have him!! EEEPPP

AH! I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU! We must party hard. Little style. Let this Headmistress do a dance for you! Who wants to bring the punch and cookies?!
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Friendly reminder that she is responsible for the books we all know and love so much, so it’d be fantastic if she was given as much regard by the fandom as her stories are.


Me when I see a tumblr of single hotties


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