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I know it’s not make-it-monday but i’m WAY too excited! I just made this tonight!!!!!!


Guys Glowy is super insanely talented with the sewing machine don’t you think?! She is really inspiring me to get crafty!!! I can’t wait for this semester to be over so I can start really getting creative!

Thanks for sharing with us Glowy


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For Wacky Wednesday: Yesterday I flipped out and was SUUUUPER ecstatic when I saw a new shiiiiiny toaster in my family's kitchen. I also flipped out when I bought a bottle of Hello Kitty Japanese mayonnaise (I prefer it over American mayo). <3 Daddy thinks it's adorable and hilarious how excited and happy I get over small things. (≧∇≦)


I get excited over little things too! Like today was chicken wings in the cafeteria at my college and I totally squealed when I walked in and saw them. HAHA. It’s the little things that often mean the most, OR can make us the happiest.

glad you had such a wonderful day full of “little” surprises ;)


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It’s Wacky Wednesday!

We know that something silly has happened this week that you need to share with the rest of us Littles.

Today’s the day to send in those stories!

Team NLS

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Wacky Wednesday

So when I was younger I used to be OBSESSED with these online doll maker sites, I recently found them again and have been making the dolls again.They are so fun to make and play with!

Always good for killing some time or reminiscing over the “old days” when these dolls were super popular!


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