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5 oils good for hair growth…they actually penetrate your hair instead of just coating it.

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Jawbreaker (1999)

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衣装とっかえまぎか by 遠野トオカ

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Get excited Littles Neverland’s having an Easter egg hunt and you’re invited! We’ve hidden Easter eggs and a few other surprises along the bunny trail of our posts from April 1-19.

There are 12 eggs cleverly hidden and it’s up to you to find them but there are plenty of false leads as well to keep it interesting! Make sure to keep track of the posts because the first two to find and submit the list of eggs win a very special prize from Admin Ellie.

The eggs are hidden behind links on our posts so good luck and have fun Little friends! The two winners will hold the crown of Pixie Hollow games for the month as well.

Admin Ellie and Team NLS

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You do not need to affiliate yourself as a Middle to participate in our NLS Middle family list. That being said send in your claim today!

Any Middle character from a book, movie or tv show is eligable.
*Harry Potter characters being only exception as it’s a major upcomming NLS event.

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NLS Calendar Of Events


♡Throwback Cartoons

♡Avatar the Last Airbender
♡Toy Story
♡Lilo and Stich
♡Magical Girl animes

♥Harry Potter Month

♡Wreck It Ralph/Games
♡Ninja Turtles
♡Monsters Inc & U
♡Disney Royals Week

♥Star Wars
♥Adventure Time


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You know, I never thought about having a middle side before but the other day, my Daddy said sometimes I act like a little girl and sometimes I act just like a bratty teenager. Seeing this blog do anything middles related has really helped me explore that side of me and I wanted to thank you guys! :D


All smiles over here from this comment. Seeing comments like that makes me so happy we did a Middle’s theme. ♡

Admin Ellie

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confession: i don’t know anime at all, really. and i try not to post stuff i don’t know much about, but who wouldn’t reblog this?

tell me i’m not the only one laughing hysterically at the caption.

pretty please? admin gosalyn

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